Prisma Design Research is a full service qualitative research and consulting agency specialised on issues around brand and packaging design.

Fusion of Expertise

Expertise in consumer research and design strategy merges to provide:

  • professional research harmoniously blended into design processes,

  • consumer insights transformed into concrete and tangible design implications,

  • consulting based on insights yet incorporating feasibilities for creative design development, production and design management,

  • workshops to ensure that the full team is aligned behind the strategic direction and that insights are implemented into the organisation's processes.

Project Areas

Depending on brand, we conduct projects in different design disciplines.

We help clients to understand the attitudes, motivations and needs of their consumers. We conduct studies to analyse how the current brand design is perceived and how it can be optimised.

And with these insights we advise which strategic design solutions can support brand growth with the strongest impact.

We accompany projects such as brand development, design relaunches, design harmonisation, portfolio structuring and purchase decision processes.

Methods & Tools